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Acupuncture is the insertion of thin, disposable, pre-sterilized needles into specific points on the body. These points run along designated channels or meridians of the body. Tapping into these channels allows the body to correct imbalances, eliminating pain and reversing many other negative conditions.

Acupuncture treatments involve a thorough consultation and exam, which can initially take up to 45 minutes. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western techniques are both used to evaluate the patient. Needles are then inserted and retained for 20-30 minutes. Little to no sensation is felt during this time. The most common response during or after treatment is of the patient feeling relaxed.

Along with accupuncture, Oriental Medicine encompasses accessory therapies such as cupping, Tui Na massage, and herbal medicine.

Cupping involves the use of glass cups, which are suctioned to the skin in order to circulate blood and Qi (the body's vital energy). This helps to dispel pain and relieve blockages, which can cause muscle tightness.

Tui Na is a therapeutic Chinese massage technique that is vigorous in nature. Tui Na uses the meridian system to increase the body's circulation, which can reduce pain and relieve tension. This is done after an acupuncture treatment to help further resolve a problem.

With herbal medicine, Chinese herbs are used to help eliminate problems and bring balance to the body. The herbs are all natural and can dramatically increase the effectiveness of acupuncture treatments. Single herbs are put together into a formula and are administered in a liquid extract or pill form to be taken orally.